Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Now you can eat your photo. This may sound strange and weird, but is actually a fact and Birthday cakes are now available with a number of online Gurgaon confectioners and cake home delivery services. It is not only a photo but actually anything that is printable can be made edible and all you are required to do is to make your mind and place your order for these cakes to celebrate occasions as never before.

In recent times edible photos have certainly come up as among the best and most popular in the business and with their experience and mastery in producing edible photo cakes Gurgaon confectioners are particularly reliable and can always come up with the best and most delicious of the products. Now you can also send edible cakes in Gurgaon from anywhere in the city with these online Gurgaon cake delivery services and also from abroad as most of these reputed florists do have their online shopping portals and also accept orders online or over the phone from their international clients and deliver cakes for free within the city of Gurgaon.

To send cakes to Gurgaon to your family, friend or someone special to make them feel loved and pampered you can always consider these edible photo cakes as a very attractive option for the online Gurgaon bakers and cake home delivery services exactly know their customer’s expectations for the best quality images along with finest icing and with their superior quality services and turn even an otherwise ordinary occasion to special and extravagant ceremony. There are also a few online confectioners in Gurgaon that offer edible caricatures to their customers and these hand drawn caricature cakes are truly capable of adding a lot fun element in almost every celebration and can very well also be the focal point of the whole ceremony.

Along with the edible photos and caricatures same quality images printed on the finest quality of Belgian white chocolate is also available with many of these online Gurgaon cake shopping portals and they are also extremely popular as an innovative and attractive variety of Birthday cakes. There is yet another exquisite variety of photo cakes that consumers can also avail online and that are the canvas cakes in which the chosen images are made to cover the whole cake completely and often create a stunning visual effect making them nearly the most perfect choice for a birthday cake.

These photo cakes are also equally popular among the corporate clients whom they send cakes to Gurgaon services cater on a regular basis for along with individual or personal photographs, company logos or different specific patterns can also be printed, with equal perfection and are used in many corporate parties and celebrations too. Without depending upon the type of photograph, logo or pattern to print upon them availability of design variety is truly limitless and you can also provide them with your own designs and get a photo cake exactly in the shape you wanted for a special occasion worthy of a special celebration.

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